Newsletter Vol 0 No 1

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The Vermont Professionals of Color Network is still here!

The last few months have been challenging: the pandemic, the racial and political unrest and the economic downturn, making these truly “unprecedented times”. The Vermont Professionals of Color Network (VT PoC) and the BIPOC community it serves has not been spared.

While we have all mainly retreated into our shells and waited for the dust to settle, the experience of the last 9 months has allowed the VT PoC Board to take a step back and recalibrate to focus on what is most important to us: Community Connections. We have been developing ways to keep us connected, engaged, and supported. Consequently, we have developed a monthly newsletter, where you will find useful content on membership engagement, job and volunteer opportunities, events, professional spotlights, and much more! This edition is an introductory email to the first full issue that will follow in December.

We have also developed our Vision and Mission statements as well as the goals and objectives this organization will use to drive toward our vision. We are proud to unveil them here in this newsletter and welcome your feedback and comments.


VT PoC Vision

Advancing the prosperity of all Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) in Vermont by: driving a new era of professional mobility, promoting their entrepreneurial ventures, and nurturing a powerful professional network.


VT PoC Mission

Vermont Professionals of Color Network (VT PoC) exists to advance networking and career development opportunities for its members, to increase civic engagement, to grow generations of Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) leaders to join the ranks of leadership and management, and to economically empower BIPOC organizations, businesses and entrepreneurs in the State of Vermont.


There is more to come …

This newsletter and our Vision/Mission statements are the first of many new initiatives the VT PoC Board is/has been working on. VT PoC will be announcing exciting news about the future of the organization, including a website, branding and marketing materials, a business model, etc. in future editions of our monthly newsletter.


We are excited to continue building from within with you. Help us grow, help us share our vision, and please share this email with your BIPOC networks, and if you are not subscribed, please share your email with us at

Stay warm and stay safe,



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