November 1, 2022
Newsletter Vol 2 No 11

 The numbers of BIPOC races and ethnicities are increasing due to immigration and reproduction in the United States. The growing numbers of people correlate with the rising numbers of voices that are not accounted for when voting. According to Dayanna Ramirez at the RISE Center at UCLA, historically, election season has played a monumental role […]

Spotlight on Maya Crowley

Pronouns: She/Her Current Town: Essex Years in VT: probably ~25 Industry: Coffee!  Business Name: Uncommon Coffee Business email and/or website: and Tell us a bit about your background. I was born & raised in Vermont.  My mom is a native Vermonter and my dad is a Vietnamese Refugee who settled with a foster […]

October 4, 2022
Newsletter Vol 2 No 10

Cannabis has historically been a tool used for unjust mass incarceration of BIPOC folx. However,  it is now legal in Vermont for adults twenty one and older to possess up to one ounce of cannabis, as well as two mature and four immature plants for medicinal and/or recreational use. The Cannabis Control Board  has gradually issued licenses to growers, […]

Spotlight on Marlena Tucker-Fishman

Pronouns: She/Her Current Town: Waterbury Center Years in VT: 14 Industry: Cannabis Retail  Business Name: Zenbarn Farms Business email and/or website: Tell us a bit about your background. Marlena Tucker-Fishman: Marlena was born in Queens, and grew up in Piscataway NJ.  She spent her early career as an educator and youth mentor working with […]

September 6, 2022
Newsletter Vol 2 No 9

We are happy to announce the launch of our membership database with the goal of offering exclusive opportunities for BIPOC members to connect virtually automating some of the functional components of the site and ensuring that the site remains relevant to new members and keeping existing members up to date in the latest resources.  All current members […]

Spotlight on Abdisalan Sheikhbile

Pronouns: He/Him Current Town: Burlington, VT Years in VT: 10 Industry: Residential/Commercial Cleaning Services  Business Name: Cleaners Unit Business email and/or website: Tell us a bit about your background.  I arrived in Vermont June of 2012, but before that I lived in Lewiston, ME since 2007.  Before arriving in Maine I lived in […]

July 28, 2022
Spotlight on Marcus Stittum

Pronouns: He/Him Current Town: Winooski, VT Years in VT: 2 Industry: Hospitality  Business Name: Barbara Jean’s Southern Kitchen by Proper and Á Table Private Chef Services.  Business email and/or website: Tell us a bit about your background. Before arriving in Vermont, I worked as a culinary instructor for the department of labor. The program […]

July 26, 2022
Newsletter Vol 2 No 8

It is time for our 2nd Annual August Kickback. We hope that you are able to join us for our family friendly event at Oakledge Park, Burlington! This month, we’re focusing on BIPOC Business Owners! BIPOC markets are estimated at about $3.9 trillion in buying power. To put that in context, that’s more than the […]

July 6, 2022
Newsletter Vol 2 No 7

This month, we’re focusing on BIPOC Mental Health! July was first declared as National BIPOC Health History Month in 2008 to acknowledge and explore issues concerning mental health, substance use disorders and BIPOC communities to destigmatize mental illness and enhance public awareness of mental illness among affected BIPOC groups. Studies show that racial and sexual minority […]

Spotlight on Elaine Wang

Pronouns: she/they Current Town: Winooski Years in VT: 17 Industry: Local Government Profession: City Manager Organizational website: Contact Elaine: Tell us a bit about your background. My parents immigrated to the US for economic opportunity. When they were little, they fled a civil war in China. Both of those influenced how they raised […]

June 6, 2022
Spotlight on Emiliano Void

Pronouns: he/him/his Current Town: Burlington Years in VT: 6 Industry: Racial Equity Consulting Business name: nuwave Equity Corporation Business contact: Tell us a bit about your background before arriving in VT. Born and raised in Montreal, last of 7 kids. I went to college in Maine, finished in Worcester, MA. What do you enjoy […]

Newsletter Vol 2 No 6

This month, we’re focusing on Juneteenth! Juneteenth came nearly two years after the signing of the  Emancipation Proclamation doctrine but Juneteenth is considered to be Independence Day for African Americans and is one of the longest celebrated holidays within the community. Juneteenth has previously went by the name of Freedom Day, Jubilee Day, Second Independence day, and […]

May 2, 2022
Spotlight on Ferene Paris Meyer

Pronouns: she/her/hers Current Town: Burlington Years in VT: Industry: Storytelling Business name: All Heart Inspirations Business contact: Tell us a bit about your background before arriving in VT. I worked in higher education, which was part of my work when I came to Vermont. I was Ferene Paris Meyer, this first generation student who […]

Newsletter Vol 2 No 5

BIPOC Women and Non-Binary Entrepreneurs This month, we’re focusing on BIPOC Women and Non-Binary Entrepreneurs in Vermont! There are lots of incredible entrepreneurs carving their own paths and creating the businesses of their dreams, right here in Vermont. Looking for additions to your jewelry collection? Browse the online shop at Soul Simone. Purchasing wine for […]

December 7, 2021
Spotlight on Monika Ganguly-Kiefner

Name: Monika Ganguly-Kiefner Pronouns: she/her Current Town: Clarendon Years in VT: 18 years total (not consecutively) Industry: Public Health Profession: Chronic Disease Prevention Specialist for the Vermont Department of Health Tell us a bit about your background before arriving in VT. Well, before ‘arriving’ in Vermont I was a twinkle in my parent’s eyes—I was […]

December 6, 2021
Newsletter Vol 1 No 12

BIPOC in the Outdoors Our home state of “Vermont” is known nationally for winter sports, activities, and recreation. However, it’s important to recognize that we enjoy these activities on unceded Abenaki land. These outdoor spaces, used for recreational hiking, skiing, and other winter sports, have been dominated throughout history by notions of white supremacy. This month’s […]

Spotlight on Hana Saydek

Name: Hana Saydek Pronouns: they/them/han/hana Current Town: So-called Cavendish, VT, occupied Abenaki land Cavendish is along Mkazatekw (the Black River), which heads east to the Kwenitekw (the Connecticut River) and is surrounded by Kaskadenak (‘a rocky place,’ Ascutney Mountain), Hawks Mountain, and the Okemo Valley. Years in VT: My whole life, from being carried in […]