Nonprofit Board Positions

Does your organization have an open board position that you would like to publicize with VT PoC members?

All Learners Network
The All Learners Network is an organization that provides professional learning for teachers. Our goal is for every child to receive math instruction that allows them the opportunities that come from math - high school graduation, college and career readiness. We teach math pedagogy that creates access for every child, regardless of ability or circumstance. Our company, which has grown revenue over $1M this year, has converted to a C Corporation. We're looking for board members who can help guide our organization toward financial success while keeping us focused on our education mission and ideals.
The Root Social Justice Center
The Root Social Justice Center is a BIPOC led racial justice organization centering Blackness. The Root prioritizes BIPOC people and their communities by sifting resources to BIPOC for leadership, connection, healing, education and the arts and supports BIPOC led racial justice movement work. The Board is a brand new -BIPOC only Board. Adults must have experience working with Youth and desire to mentor Youth. Youth as equal members. It's almost like we are starting over. Bylaws, structure and everything in between will be discussed and changed to meet the current needs moving forward.