Spotlight on Raheemah Madany

Our member spotlight is on Raheemah Madany (they/them)! Raised in Bennington, Raheemah recently joined the VT PoC team in April as our enthusiastic Event Coordinator and brings a rich background and experiences to their role. We’re excited to introduce Raheemah to y’all!

Tell us a bit about your background!

I am a proud Black, queer, trans Vermonter. I was born in California and (mainly) grew up in Bennington, Vermont – with my single mother and five siblings. Before living in the Green Mountain State, I grew up with a large family abroad in Jordan, the Middle East, and The Gambia, West Africa. 

I attended the State University of New York (SUNY) at Cortland and completed my Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Vermont. I am passionate about public health and its impact on the communal well-being of BIPOC and 2STQLGB+ people. 

Tell us about what you do in your position with VT PoC! What’s the work been like, how do you feel about it?

I am VT PoC’s event coordinator. In my role, I plan, organize, and implement events. Such as a Cowork & Chill we recently had in Montpelier. To large and annual events like our August Kickback. My work has been fun, exciting, and empowering. I feel honored to be able to do this work for my community.

What do you enjoy about living in Vermont? What do you enjoy about working in Vermont?

What I enjoy most about living in Vermont is the nature and wildlife. It’s just breathtaking and healing. What I enjoy most about working in Vermont is having a hybrid job where I can actually participate and enjoy all the seasons of Vermont!

What advice would you have wanted to receive about being a VT professional of color?

How to protect your energy and health in a racist (toxic) work environment.

What are some challenges that you’ve faced on a professional level since living in VT?

My intersecting identities as a Black, queer, trans human are being challenged and disregarded while living in Vermont. It has manifested in many challenging ways. For example, my labor and input are undervalued.

How have you overcome the challenges?

I have overcome the challenges from all the love my family and community have poured into me. Also, believing in myself and taking action to better my experiences.

In what ways could the state better support BIPOC living in Vermont?

The state could better help BIPOC Vermonters by providing sufficient and family-centered housing. Also, having culturally appropriate businesses and public spaces, and making racism a public health crisis and a priority that needs to be addressed by all facets of the state and communities.

Are there other things (events/opportunities/jobs/etc) you’d like to share with the VT BIPOC community?

If y’all didn’t know now, Burlington is having an Anime Fest, on Sept. 29th, 2024!

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