Spotlight on Myra Flynn

Our member spotlight is on Myra Flynn (she/her)! Myra is a musician and journalist who has been in Vermont for 38 years. Currently, she splits her time between Brookfield, VT, and Monrovia, CA. She also serves as the host and executive producer of the Vermont Public podcast Homegoings (@wearehomegoings). Follow her journey on Instagram at @myraflynn!

Tell us a bit about your background before arriving in VT and what brought you to the state.

Because I want to network with other professionals of color in Vermont! Plus I’m always curious about how folks are doing, why they stay, and how they are managing. I’m also always on the lookout for your cool events! Being in community together is so important in a state like Vermont.

Why are you a member of the Vermont Professionals of Color Network?

I am a member of the Vermont Professionals of Color Network because I deeply resonate with its vision, mission, and values. Joining VT PoC has allowed me to connect with like-minded individuals and has provided me with a sense of belonging and community. The network’s commitment to fostering inclusivity and supporting professionals of color aligns with my own values and aspirations, making it natural fit for me.

What do you enjoy about living in Vermont? What do you enjoy about working in Vermont?

I split my time between Vermont and Los Angeles, actually. What I love about being in Vermont is the built-in appreciation of art in this state. It’s a very rare thing to see these days! I also love that the state is small enough that if you decide to be a change-maker in any way, you can directly feel the impact of change.

What advice would you have wanted to receive about being a VT professional of color before arriving?

This community of color will wrap around you in ways you never expected. Call on us.

What are some challenges that you’ve faced on a professional level since living in VT?

I think one of the things to watch out for in such a well-meaning state like Vermont, is that BIPOC people are here, but we are not yet normalized in professional spaces. We are often the only one in the room or the office or the team. And that creates some interesting dynamics as a professional. Beware of being tokenized, being asked to speak for all, and leaned on for DEI efforts that everyone should be participating in.

How have you overcome the challenges?

I say no a lot lol. I make change on my own time of my own volition. I advocate and advocate for others who need it. I spend time around other BIPOC folks just hanging out, eating good food and not talking about race. Just being humans together.

Tell us about the work you’re doing!

Besides being a mama and a performer, I am the host and executive producer of the Vermont Public podcast Homegoings, which I created challenging and often messy topics. The show is also more than a podcast. We have a newsletter, live events, social media and a general investment in community building.

What opportunities do you see for your industry in the future?

I want to keep this righteous Homegoings space going strong and healthy in the Vermont community and beyond.

In what ways could the state better support BIPOC living in Vermont?

Believe us. Protect us. Fund us. This is how we stay.

Are there other things (events/opportunities/jobs/etc) you’d like to share with the VT BIPOC community?

Always! You can keep up with my music at and with all things Homegoings at or @wearehomegoings on Instagram!

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