Newsletter Vol 2 No 8

Support your local BIPOC Business

It is time for our 2nd Annual August Kickback. We hope that you are able to join us for our family friendly event at Oakledge Park, Burlington!

This month, we’re focusing on BIPOC Business Owners!

BIPOC markets are estimated at about $3.9 trillion in buying power. To put that in context, that’s more than the combined gross domestic product of the Netherlands, Indonesia, and Switzerland. More simply stated: the BIPOC buyer can run the economy of  countries! According to The Multicultural Economy Report, whites comprise the largest share of the U.S. market, but have the slowest percentage rate of buying power growth, which combats the disparate racial wealth gap. 

One of the easiest ways we can continue the circulation of community dollars is by purchasing goods and services from companies owned by Vermonters of color. Your support increases business profitability, encourages BIPOC entrepreneurs to scale up, AND puts money back into BIPOC communities for recirculation! We know many of you already support the numerous BIPOC-owned businesses across the state, but let’s continue stimulating the BIPOC economy; check out the BIPOC Business Directory and start circulating those dollars!

This month, we’re featuring BIPOC business owner Marcus Stittum, who works in the hospitality industry, and is owner of Barbra Jeans and Á Table private chef services.

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Businesses and People

Marcus Stittum
Hospitality Business Owner

Marcus Stittum has worked as a culinary instructor for the Department of Labor with Job Corps for at risk children with ages varying between 16-24. Prior to that, he worked as a food service provider for K-12 at Southwest Foodservice. He has been in Vermont for 2 years and is the owner of  Barbara Jean’s Southern Kitchen by Proper and Á Table private chef service. Marcus enjoys how community is a big part of Vermont culture and feels humbled and rewarded to be apart of that through his restaurant. Hoping to have a brick and mortar in the near future to expand his concept.

Read the rest of our interview with Marcus Stittum here, and link with him by using his socials in the links below.

Resources & Updates


2nd Annual August Kickback

Join us for our family friendly event at Oakledge Park, Burlington!
Click here to register.

Vermont Community Leadership Summit

Register to explore ways to support local leadership and democracy. 
Link to register.

Zenbarn Farms Present: The Roll up to Legalization Reggae Concert
Join in community and in love for people, plants, and our planet!
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Vermont’s Primary Election
The primary election is coming up on August 9th, click below to find out what you need to know!
Find the story at this link.

Campaign wants Anti-Slavery Amendment at the forefront of the Election
The Vermont Racial Justice Alliance and Vermont Interfaith action launched  a campaign earlier this summer to get out the vote for an amendment that would prohibit slavery and indentured servitude in all forms in Vermont .
Find the story at this link.

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