Newsletter Vol 2 No 5

BIPOC Women and Non-Binary Entrepreneurs

This month, we’re focusing on BIPOC Women and Non-Binary Entrepreneurs in Vermont!

There are lots of incredible entrepreneurs carving their own paths and creating the businesses of their dreams, right here in Vermont. Looking for additions to your jewelry collection? Browse the online shop at Soul Simone. Purchasing wine for an upcoming gather? Wilder Wines offers organic wines at the storefront off of Church St. In need of gifts for friends and family? Try The Sugah Fund‘s cozy crocheted pieces. Need to update your headshot or branding? Schedule a photoshoot with the talented Isora Lithgow Creations. Find all of these BIPOC Women-Owned businesses, and more, at our BIPOC Business Directory here.

In this month’s newsletter, we’re featuring Ferene Paris Meyer, Entrepreneur and Storyteller of All Heart Inspirations. She amazingly led our Storytelling with Women and Non-Binary Entrepreneurs event yesterday at Salt & Bubbles Wine Bar and Market. It was a fantastic turnout! Thank you to all who attended and made it such a success. 

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Ferene Paris Meyer

Ferene Paris Meyer has lived in Vermont for 10 years now, first as a professional in higher education, and now as an entrepreneur and storyteller behind her business, All Heart Inspirations. As far as what she loves most about running her own business, she says, “I love more than anything that I get paid to to be unapologetic about my truths about our lived experiences of marginalized stories. All Heart is meant to be very fluid…to hopefully inspire folks to either attend to themselves more or attend to each other.” Ferene speaks at length with us on what it means to be a Black woman in Vermont, what she wishes others knew about living here, and how the community can better uplift BIPOC business.

Read the rest of our interview with Ferene Paris Meyer here.

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VT Educators of Color Retreat
The VT Educators of Color Association is creating a space to gather, connect, and heal! The retreat is from Friday May 20th  21st at Common Ground Center in Starksboro. 
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