Newsletter Vol 2 No 11

Your vote, your voice

 The numbers of BIPOC races and ethnicities are increasing due to immigration and reproduction in the United States. The growing numbers of people correlate with the rising numbers of voices that are not accounted for when voting. According to Dayanna Ramirez at the RISE Center at UCLA, historically, election season has played a monumental role in policy and procedures that affect Black, Indigioneous, and People of Color and can influence the racial climate. Additionally, adjusting to the “new normal,” post COVID-19, introducing new threats to our wellbeing. As the election season is upon us, BIPOC individuals may have  to endure stress and relive traumatic experiences that other people do not understand, and re-energize themselves after social justice discourse. Although this can be a difficult time, we do not have the luxury of disengagement. 

It is important to vote so that the voice of BIPOC folx can be represented by people the community supports. An informed voter is the best voter, study the candidates and learn the language, vote with knowledge and power. In Vermont, eligible persons may register to vote on any day up to and including the day of the election. If you are not a registered voter, click here to register. If you are, click here to find your local polling station! 

This month, we’re featuring Maya Crowley, who works in the coffee industry, and is owner of Uncommon Coffee. 

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Maya Crowley

Maya is a young, thriving professional who leads life with her intersectional identities at the forefront. Maya is Vermont born and raised with her mom as a native Vermonter and her dad as a Vietnamese Refugee who settled with a foster family in Essex Junction when he was a teen. Maya is the owner of Uncommon Coffee in Essex, she strives to use her coffee shop to build community for BIPOC individuals by offering a space for people to gather.  She enjoys connecting with others who share the same values and Maya is working hard to establish herself more in the community–which is why she wants all BIPOC Vermonters to feel welcomed to use her shop as a safe space. Uncommon Coffee will be hosting VT PoC and their members for the upcoming Black Panther Wakanda Forever Movie Screening. Read the rest of the interview with Maya here!

Read the rest of our interview with Maya Crowley here, and link with her by using her socials in the links below.

Resources & Updates


CNPP Survey 
Are you a BIPOC small business owner? VT PoC invites you to take the Small Business survey so we can better understand what is working well and what isn’t working for owners in Vermont.
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Vermont Racial Justice Housing Jam: Increasing Equity in Vermont Housing Jam
On November 3, 2022 the public is invited to participate in the first of four-part series examining how racial inequities impact access to housing in Vermont.   
Click here to  reserve your place.

Vt PoC Presents Black Panther II
Join Vt PoC for our Red Carpet and movie screening in celebration of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever!
Link to register here.


Civic Engagement Boards 
Want to join a Non-profit or civic organization’s board? Check out our Civic Engagement Board where organizations have posted their available board seats!
Civic Engagement Board

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Open Enrollment
Open enrollment will open November first for insurance in Vermont! 
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