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Cannabis has historically been a tool used for unjust mass incarceration of BIPOC folx. However,  it is now legal in Vermont for adults twenty one and older to possess up to one ounce of cannabis, as well as two mature and four immature plants for medicinal and/or recreational use. The Cannabis Control Board  has gradually issued licenses to growers, manufacturers and retail stores in preparation for the October 1 “opening” of the states regulated, adult-use cannabis market.  . The launching of adult use retailers and their licensure is a step towards combating the war on drugs in America. In an ideal world,  there would be a positive effect potentially leading to expungement and investment  into the communities that were most impacted. As a network our buying power is needed in this industry to help support equity. 

Cannabis can be used to ease chronic pain and illness, aid sleeping and diet, as well as for pleasure. Which ever way you choose to use cannabis please consume responsibly. If you would like to begin your journey to the cannabis industry here are a few banking options for the cannabis business. Also, be sure to check out our BIPOC business directory and membership portal to find connections. 

This month, we’re featuring Marlena Tucker-Fishman, who works in the cannabis retail industry, and is owner of Zen Barn Farms. 

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Marlena Tucker-Fishman
Cannabis Retail

Marlena was born in Queens, and grew up in Piscataway NJ.  She spent her early career as an educator and youth mentor working with some of the hardest to reach young people facing hardships such as poverty and homelessness. As well as working with young people with learning differences and autism.  She founded the wellness and healing studio Zenbarn Studio, as well as her own nature-based childcare center before joining forces with her husband Noah to launch Zenbarn Farms, a cannabis brand and retail store. She is co-owner at Zenbarn Farms and Director of Environmental and Social Justice where she is positioned to advance the work of The Cannabis Generation. The Cannabis Generations is a cannabis equity initiative, to raise funds for programming, collaborate with other companies and nonprofits and ensure her own company is aligned and cohesive in its mission and values. 

Read the rest of our interview with Marlena Tucker-Fishman here, and link with her by using her socials in the links below.

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Retail Listening Session 
Let us know what you need as a BIPOC small business owner! 
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Raven Ridge Natural Area
Meet us at Raven Ridge Natural Area in Monkton for a guided walk with BIPOC T.N.C staff!
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Budding Business Owner Listening Session
To support your growing business as a budding business owner let us know what you need.
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Cannabis Control Board Issue License 
CCB has been issuing licenses since May. As of October 1 adult use retailers are getting their license. 
Find the story at this link.

COVID levels remain low
According to the Health Department COVID levels have remained low. 
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