Vermont Huts Association Committee Openings

Vermont Huts Association
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Organization Description
Vermont Huts Association is a 501(c)(3) whose mission is to foster a deeper appreciation of our natural environment and strengthen Vermont’s communities by providing enriching and immersive outdoor experiences for all.
Organization's Approach to Diversity, Equity, Belonging, & Inclusion

Organizationally: VHA is working to grow our DEI committee and create ongoing goals, strategies, and policies to ensure the most inclusive and welcoming organization possible. Our organization strives to hire staff and recruit volunteers who vary in background and experience, and offers a flexible 32 hour hybrid work week, paid parental leave, gender inclusive references in all personnel policies, and is in the process of adopting an inclusivity mission.

Programmatically: In addition to local and tourism-based recreation, we also partner with other nonprofits, after school programs, and public schools to bring diverse sets of communities onto the trails and into the backcountry at no cost. The FOREST Program (Fostering Outdoor Recreation, Sustainability, Education, and Teamwork) hosts multi-night adventures led by an outdoor educator or guide, offering opportunities to engage in a welcoming environment outdoors, with learning experiences tailored specifically to the group and led by a guide that represents participants. VHA provides gear, transportation, food, and guide to ensure that all participants have what they need. We are growing partnerships with myriad demographic and age ranges including BIPOC Vermonters, underserved students, the queer community, and more in order to provide access to as many Vermonters as possible, purposefully including those who have historically been excluded.

Huts and Hostels: All VHA structures and their outhouses are ADA accessible and offer a safe place to stay for people of all abilities and disabilities. Having adaptive-friendly trails and huts can be a life changing experience for Vermonters and visitors alike, offering access to our natural environment that is often unwelcoming or unsafe for those with differing needs. Some huts and hostels can be driven directly to, limiting the mobility needs for access.

Trails: Trails built by VHA are optimized for adaptive riders. This not only provides new opportunities for recreationalists who use adaptive bikes, but also creates a trail that is smooth, wide, and more accessible for a wide array of users. Walkers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts of differing ages, abilities, and backgrounds will have an easier time enjoying these trails. We are also working to improve existing trails, making them available for year round use, more sustainable environmentally, and easier to maintain.

Board Terms and Term Limits
Committee terms will be determined once committees are formed.
Frequency & Duration of Board Meetings
Committee meetings start at once per month then decline in frequency until a specific project or event arises.
Stipends for Board Membership
Not currently, but we are interested in feedback.
If Interested, Send Letter of Interest to the Following Point of Contact:
Dani Kehlmann
Point of Contact Email