Board of Directors / Advisory Board

Vermont Production Collective
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Organization Description
Vermont Production Collective was established in 2021 to support established and aspiring artist in film production and related fields. We collaborate with film festivals around the state to host networking events for local creators, panel discussions on industry topics, and discussions to learn from working experts in the field, and are developing programming to facilitate mentorships and hands-on learning opportunities for students, recent grads, and people transitioning into the field. We also assist in the creation of local in-person meetup groups to promote casual networking at a local and regional level. Last year we launched the Vermont Screenplay Incubator program, which over the course of nine months is helping to refine five screenplays written by Vermont authors. All the screenplays are set in Vermont, so we are hoping to create a pipeline of homegrown work which can help develop a thriving local ecosystem for creators, from the writers to on-set crew and post-production professionals. Additionally, we have been working with the Vermont Arts Council to advise on the creation of a statewide body for the coordination of the industry, as well as a crew, locations, jobs and internship database. At this time our organization is run by an all-volunteer (voting) board of directors with the assistance of a (non-voting) advisory board, consisting of members from all over the state with backgrounds in film, non-profit administration, advertising, higher education, technical education, and event planning.
Organization's Approach to Diversity, Equity, Belonging, & Inclusion

The Vermont Production Collective is young organization looking to build its board so that it adequately represents the full community of film & media makers in the state. We are actively working towards more gender equity on our board of directors and advisory board. We are aware of the overwhelming whiteness of our board of directors, and would like to create a space that is welcoming to people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, and rural residents, as they are very much a part of the vibrant ecosystem we strive to serve. There is a vast variety of 'Vermont stories' and of Vermont creators, we feel that film & media made and celebrated here should actively seek to be more than 'straight white men making maple syrup' alone, and we likewise want to represent that reality in our board composition.

Knowing that meetings for boards of directors have historically been run in a way that is exclusive to those that don't identity as white men, we have structured our meetings in a way we hope feel more welcoming and inviting to all (translation: you do not need to know Robert's Rules of Order by heart, all input and discussion is welcomed and heard).

For our Screenplay Incubator Program, we offered a partial scholarship to anyone who requested it in order to offset economic means as a barrier to participation, and are conducting the program virtually so that it is open to members of our network in both urban and more rural locations. It is a high priority for us that we provide opportunities for creators statewide, and not only those living in more densely populated areas since people living in rural areas often lack resources and support systems that are present in larger cities (especially Chittenden County).

Board Terms and Term Limits
2-year term, two consecutive term limit
Frequency & Duration of Board Meetings
Normally bi-monthly for 1 hour
Stipends for Board Membership
If Interested, Send Letter of Interest to the Following Point of Contact:
Chad Ervin
Point of Contact Email