About the VT PoCket Guide

Vermont’s BIPOC Digital Interactive Welcome Platform

Purpose & Summary:
The VT PoCket Guide also known as VT PoCket, is a “Digital Interactive Welcome Platform” designed to provide BIPOC residents and visitors of Vermont with an enhanced opportunity to discover, connect with, and interact in their local area. This brochure or digital pocket guide offers concise and easily accessible information about Vermont, while aiming to foster a greater sense of belonging for the BIPOC community.

Ready to discover Vermont?

What is VT PoC Offering:

The VT PoCket Guide offers significant benefits to both new and prospective Vermont residents, as well as current residents. For new or prospective residents, the guide provides a database of essential services, activities, and resources in their area of interest. For current BIPOC Vermonters, it offers a deeper awareness of previously unknown resources and areas.

In essence, the VT PoCket Guide serves as an interactive digital concierge or brochure, helping BIPOC Vermonters navigate and learn about various essential services and resources. This includes information on resources like religious sanctuaries, local businesses (with an emphasis on BIPOC-owned establishments), local politicians, community interest areas, winter preparation and winterization, and even practical details like finding a place to get your hair done.

The platform aims to imbue individuals with a comprehensive understanding of their community, fostering a greater sense of belonging and inclusion.

The VT PoCket Guide was developed with the generous support of the Northfield Savings Bank Foundation.