Member Portal Coming Soon

VT PoC members

VT Professionals of Color Network is excited to announce the launch of our BIPOC Members Portal on September 6, 2022! We have been working on building a strong network of professionals via our events and social media; now it’s time for y’all to get “e-quainted”!

What is the Membership Portal?

The VT PoC Membership Portal is a BIPOC-member section of our website where community members can create profiles, add professional and social interests, and connect with other BIPOC members.

Why did y’all create this?

We created it so that it’s easier for BIPOC across the state to “e-quaint” themselves with others on a professional and social level. There are over 65,000 BIPOC individuals living in the state and it’s hard to connect when “you can’t get there from here”. We hope this portal can stimulate conversation, and initiate collaboration within the community.

We also plan on integrating future communications about events, workshops, and resources through this platform.

Is it just member profiles or will there be other resources?

Yes, there will be other resources! The team is working to finalize educational and professional resources. Additionally, the non-profit board service database will live within this portal. Over time, and with member feedback, we hope to develop new resources and ways of using the portal!

Does it cost anything to access the portal?

There is no cost for BIPOC individuals to access the membership portal. Please note that we will not sell or use your personal information for non-VT PoC purposes. You can delete your profile at any time.

I’m a business owner and my business is already listed in your directory. Will I be able to connect my profile and my business?

YES, that’s what’s so cool! Businesses will be connected directly to your profile so you can edit/add/delete any business you own!

Do I have to have a profile?

It is entirely up to you! If you have already signed up for membership, you will be automatically added but you always have the option to add/edit/delete your profile.

When will the portal go live?

We expect the portal to go live in early September. In the meantime, we will be reaching out to our BIPOC members in waves to prepare for the launch:


Wave 1: Members starting on August 15

On August 15, we will invite current BIPOC members to access their profiles. You are welcome to edit, add to, or delete your profile (we won’t be hurt if you delete your profile, we promise!). During this time, we’ll be around to help troubleshoot with you. 

Wave 2: Businesses starting on August 29

Once the general members have had some time to get acquainted with the system, we will be inviting current business directory members to create member profiles that will link directly to the listed business(es). We will make sure that there is information available to troubleshoot!

Wave 3: Portal Launch on September 6

We will officially launch our portal on September 6, meaning that any new BIPOC members will automatically receive a portal account!