VCRD Village Trust Initiative Director

Vermont Council on Rural Development
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Location: Washington County,
About the Job

Help support the future of Vermont’s vibrant Village Centers as the VCRD Village Trust Initiative Director! The initiative will support 20 small Vermont towns in the formation and implementation of community preservation and revitalization projects. This position will oversee VCRD’s portion of the initiative. Must be a team player with excellent communications skills, an eagerness to learn, a strong sense of mission in service to Vermont communities, and a strong grasp of community engagement, facilitation, and project development strategies, particularly as applicable to small, rural communities. See the full job description and application information here:

Employer's Approach to Diversity, Equity, & Belonging

At the Vermont Council on Rural Development, our mission has always been to bring together all Vermonters to build a prosperous and resilient future. In order to carry out this work effectively, we continuously evaluate our internal biases and adjust our practices, systems, and strategies to best serve all Vermonters regardless of how they identify themselves.

Fundamental to this is our commitment to dismantle barriers to universal participation, engagement, and leadership in our communities. Democratic decision-making and civic engagement are only as strong as the depth and equity of the participation they are built upon. Collective commitment to deep engagement, equitable access, countering internal bias and developing inclusive processes and systems is key to the future strength and vitality of our communities and our state.

We commit ourselves to the principles of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. These values are central to our mission, culture, and vision internally, in our work with communities, and across the full breadth of our programs. We acknowledge that Black people, Indigenous people and People of Color have long faced and continue to face historic and systemic barriers of racism which impede or exclude them from civic participation, decision-making, and equal and fair educational and economic opportunity. Additionally, we recognize that Vermont and Vermonters have much work to do to evaluate our individual attitudes and privilege; to work together now and in an ongoing way to dismantle systemic racism; and to re-invent and expand our collective identity. See VCRD’s Statement on Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion here:

Wage or Salary
60,000-72,000 based on skills and experinect