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Rock Point Commons
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Location: Chittenden County,
About the Job

Rock Point Commons is seeking an Executive Director responsible for the management
and sustainable development of Rock Point, a 130-acre sanctuary of publicly accessible
conserved land within Burlington, Vermont. The property includes hiking trails,
conference center, spiritual gathering areas, community agriculture, as well as private
housing and the separately managed Rock Point School. Diverse partners use the
property in support of educational, spiritual, micro-agricultural and ecological goals. The
property is owned by the Episcopal Diocese of Vermont and managed by a
non-denominational board that delegates management to an Executive Director with a
small staff.
The Executive Director is charged with securing the sustainable future of the Commons
and its partnerships in collaboration with land users, institutional partners, and staff. The
ED will report to the RPC board of directors.
The Executive Director will champion Rock Point Commons’ values and
mission. In this function, the Executive Director will:
Lead fundraising and development
Lead collaborations that support the RPC vision, including processes
with the board and land users to evaluate the implementation of the
vision and update accordingly.
Build diversity, equity, inclusion and justice into the functioning
process of operating Rock Point Commons.
Be entrepreneurial and flexible in identifying and developing
partnerships that are consistent with RPC values.
Be hands-on and proactive in day to day management of RPC.
Be resourceful in the use of limited financial and human resources.
Be generous and open in relationships with partners, staff and the

Seek consensus through dialogue with stakeholders, and also be
decisive and lead teams towards action.
The Executive Director will serve as the strategic leader of the Rock Point
Commons (RPC). The Executive Director will contribute to the development or
refinement of strategic plans and ensure their implementation, including a process
for collaborating with appropriate stakeholders, necessary for the sustainability
and smooth operation of Rock Point Commons. These plans include, but are not
limited to:
Direct the fund development plan for the organization, including a fee
system. Build a 3-year budget to advance the sustainability of RPC.
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Plan to proactively address
diversity and representation and help RPC be a positive agent of social
change within the community.
Land-use Plan to ensure the environmental integrity and sustainable
mixed-use of the land.
Communications and Marketing Plan to build awareness of the
commons and its mission.
Maintenance Plan to guide operations.
Capital and Fundraising Plan for endowment, unrestricted, and
restricted gifts to fulfill the long-term-vision of the RPC.
Staffing and Volunteer Management Plan responding to RPC short and
long-term operations and management needs.
The Executive Director will serve as the operational leader of the Rock Point
Commons. The Executive Director has general responsibility for the maintenance
and general appearance of the property and its buildings and will work with the
Buildings, Grounds, and Security Manager to develop and implement a
maintenance plan.
Specific duties in this area include:
Collaborate with the Buildings, Grounds and Security Manager to
maintain operations and cleanliness of the three Conference Center
buildings and the landscape.
Collaborate with partners to develop programs that will sustainably
attract people to enjoy and contribute to Rock Point.
Provide customer relations to users of the Conference Center.
Develop a Hospitality Team and collaborate with seasonal employees.
Provide guidance to staff, board and partners on immediate, short-term
and medium-term priorities for RPC land uses.
Identify, communicate and address any health, safety, or security risks
on the property.

Delegate operational tasks to staff, volunteers, board members,
partners, in coordination with the Buildings, Grounds and Security
Lead on marketing the property, through communication of successful
partnerships and programs.
Build diversity, equity, inclusion and justice into the functioning
process of operating Rock Point Commons.
The Executive Director serves as the human resources leader for employees and
volunteers of Rock Point Commons. Specific human resource responsibilities
The hiring and evaluation of all staff for Rock Point Commons, in
cooperation with the RPC Board.
Develop descriptions and funding sources for short, long-term and
consultant positions that may include:
Grant-writing and Fundraising
Conducting regularly scheduled staff meetings.
Manage volunteer recruitment and utilization and develop associated
policies for working with volunteers.
Respond in a timely manner to all human resource issues.
Implement diversity, equity, inclusion and justice in all hiring
practices, as well as building an understanding an approach into the
culture of RPC
The Executive Director will serve as the partnership ambassador to various
groups and provide collaboration to a number of partners and groups. In this role,
the Executive Director will:
Collaborate with staff, board, and partners on short term, medium
term, and long- term partnerships.
Lead in the identification and development of partnerships that
contribute to the financial, social and ecological sustainability of the
property, consistent with Rock Point Commons’ values and mission.
Be the face of RPC with partners and present new partners to the RPC
board for consideration.
Integrate diversity, equity, inclusion and justice principles into the
maintenance of partnerships, development of new partnerships and
communicate with the board on how these principles are actualized on
the property.
Lead on community outreach and awareness related to RPC, to support
the vision, as well as financial sustainability of RPC.

Existing groups, with whom relationships will be cultivated, include:
Episcopal Diocese of Vermont, as the owner of the property
Rock Point’s partners, as the users of the property through a range of
formal and informal relationships.
Rock Point’s visitors, including, hikers, students and families, partner
staff, residents,
The Executive Director will serve as the financial manager of the organization.
Specific responsibilities include:
Implement a Financial and Fundraising Plan in coordination with the
Board and its subcommittees.
Oversee bookkeeping operations and the Bookkeeper.
Monitor, update, and authorize all contracts with partnerships, vendors
and staff.
Oversee cash disbursements and cash flow.
Oversee of budgets.
Manage grants.
Review bank deposits, statements and reports.
Review and report on trends that may affect the operations of Rock
Point Commons.
The Executive Director will serve as the director of development for the
property at RPC. The Executive Director will:
Champion a holistic and inclusive vision for sustainable long-term
property maintenance/rehabilitation/development that contributes to
Rock Point Commons’ mission. This will include actions for a variety
of spaces and buildings on Rock Point including conference center;
camp facilities; diocesan offices; Bishop’s residence; cemetery;
outdoor chapel; common areas.
Collaborate with the Rock Point Commons board to agree on the
Lead the capital campaign for achieving these developments in a
short-, medium- and long-term set of actions through fundraising,
grant applications and partner contributions.
Skillsets / Qualifications:
Rock Point Commons will consider all candidate applications. A successful Executive Director
will possess a skillset that includes:
Demonstrable leadership skills, including building and facilitating a
culture of diversity, equity, inclusion and justice.

Willingness to engage in traditional and non-traditional fundraising
Willingness to serve as a “hands-on” leader that can multi-task by
responding to administrative and facility issues that come up
The ability to work comfortably in an evolving organization.
The ability to be a self-starter who can work both independently and
collaboratively when required.
Ability to maintain and develop existing and new
partnerships/programs that align with RPC mission and vision.
Responsiveness to visitor inquiries and challenges.
Ability to collaborate constructively with RPC Board on strategic
planning and implementation.
Excellent oral and written communication skills.
Proficiency with collaborative software for documents, spreadsheets,
etc. (Microsoft Office Products including Sharepoint 365)
Preferred (if candidate does not have we can support w/ skill development):
Multilingual and multicultural experience.
Preferred experience with the financial management of organizations,
including the use of spreadsheets, and financial data (e.g.
Comfort with social media, communication, and outreach platforms.
Experience related to working with and building non-profit, farm,
conservancy, park, social service, educational, and/or religious
Candidate Applications:
Please submit the following to prior to 13 August 2022
Statement of Interest: Please describe your interest in working on Rock Point,
including responses to the following three questions.
How does your life and work experience contribute to leading Rock Point
Commons over the next decade?
How would you foster diversity, equity and inclusion in your approach to
Describe your ability or approach to working in and developing an evolving
organization with limited human and financial resources?

Employer's Approach to Diversity, Equity, & Belonging

Rock Point Commons is striving to build diversity, equity, inclusion and justice into both the leadership teams that support the Commons and the staff that engages in our operations on a day to day basis. We realize we have only just begun on this journey and look forward to growing into the future.

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