Rutland’s Tech Startup Incubator Opening

Chamber & Economic Development of the Rutland Region
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Location: Rutland County,
About the Job

Anticipated Opening:  October 1, 2022


The Chamber & Economic Development of the Rutland Region is seeking a talented and innovative Program Director who will be responsible for helping to launch Rutland’s Tech Startup Incubator (RTSI).  The Program Director will provide strategic direction for all RTSI programming, will supervise staff, will serve as the liaison to the business community, and is responsible for the Mentor and Investor Networks.  The Program Director will oversee financial planning, and will author and administer grants, which will fund and facilitate the operation of the business incubator through coordinated developmental business education, training, and mentorship for incubator participants.


Education: A Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or a related field is required; a master’s degree in Business Administration or a related field is preferred.

Experience:  At least five years of business development or business counseling experience is preferred.

Skills:  Strong verbal and written communication skills, excellent interpersonal and organizational skills, knowledge of business management principles, budget formulation and financial management, facility oversight, and computer literacy are required.  The ability to work collaboratively with a variety of constituents and organizations is essential. The ability to develop knowledge of, respect for, and skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds is required.

Rutland’s Tech Startup Incubator (RTSI) will transform a rural economy from one experiencing slow growth in high-skill, high-paying jobs to one that will drive scalable tech entrepreneurship, investment, and job creation. RTSI will develop an ecosystem that:

  1. inspires a regional culture and community of tech innovation,
  2. creates and implements a scalable technology support program, the Tech Onramp Program (TOP) and,
  3. develops a formal mentor and investor network providing tech entrepreneurs with the human and financial capital needed to grow and scale their businesses.

RTSI is located at the Hub CoWorks, a public-private partnership between CEDRR and MKF Properties.  Rutland’s Tech Startup Incubator (RTSI), has applied to become a 501 (c) 3 public benefit corporation serving all of Vermont. 

For more information and a full description of the position contact Lyle Jepson, Executive Director, Chamber & Economic Development of the Rutland Region, at .



Employer's Approach to Diversity, Equity, & Belonging

The Board of the Chamber & Economic Development of the Rutland Region (CEDRR) worked with a consultant for a full year to prepare a strategic plan of action. That plan of action includes actively seeking out diversity through our employment practices. The Board has been vocal in denouncing non-inclusive events and choices made by public bodies within our community and has encouraged all municipal governmental organizations to adopt a statement of inclusion. We are also working to support the local chapter of the NAACP. The Board has adopted the following statement. “The CEDRR Board recognizes that cultural diversity plays a key role in economic growth, as people from diverse backgrounds bring language skills, unique experiences, new ways of thinking, innovative ideas and creative solutions to difficult problems. Therefore, the CEDRR Board condemns racism and welcomes all persons, regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, gender identity or expression, age, or disability, and supports the protection of these classes. As an organization, we condemn discrimination in all of its forms and commit to fair and equal treatment of everyone in the communities we serve.”

Wage or Salary
Commensurate with experience. Range: $75,000-$90,000.