Request for Proposals (RFP) Independent Contractor- Community Organizer

The Janet S. Munt Family Room
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Location: Chittenden County,
About the Job

Request for Proposals (RFP)
Independent Contractor- Community Organizer

1. Background
Winooski was awarded a grant through the Vermont Working Communities Challenge to build economic opportunity for and elevate New American voices through grassroots and community driven efforts. The Winooski grant team is seeking a contractor to support our efforts.

2. Scope of Services
The contractor will work with a team to enhance and build cross-sectoral collaborations to enhance economic opportunity by advancing equity. This will include:
● Working with the community of Winooski to solicit ideas
● Assembling a list of residents for the team to consult
● Engaging the community in program creation and processes
● Recruiting new team members from the community
● Co-developing the team structure
● Setting priorities and creating “Action Teams” to meet those priorities

In all aspects, emphasis is to be placed on historically marginalized voices, especially New Americans.

If the contractor, in consultation with the team, determines that a project or projects would be among the best tools to achieve the outputs above, projects may include, but are not limited to:
● Building connections between Winooski’s subcommunities
● Informing language access to businesses and services
● Intensive, stipended English Language Learning opportunities for adults
● Improve access to better job opportunities or entrepreneurship, for youth and/or adults
● Support the Winooski Parents and Student Project

3. Timeline
The contract is expected to be November 2023 through April 2024. An extension may be negotiated. Work time is anticipated to be 10-20 person-hours per week but may also be negotiated.

4. Qualifications and Evaluation Criteria
The ideal person or team will:
● English language proficiency
● Have strong communication skills
● Have strong community organizing skills
● Be self-directed and take initiative
● Have the ability to collaborate across different cultures
● Have existing connections with Winooski’s historically marginalized voices, especially refugees
● Have strong facilitation skills
● Have an understanding of multilingual and multicultural communities
● Have basic administrative skills, such as scheduling meetings and emailing

The proposal should demonstrate these qualifications through examples.
Those who do not meet the ideal criteria are still encouraged to bid.

5. Submission Instructions
Submissions may be given either in writing or verbally.

Instructions for written submissions:
Please use the bid form. Proposals are to be provided by Monday, November 6th at 2pm
– By email pdf attachment to, subject line “Winooski WCC Bid” OR
– in a sealed envelope to Josh Miller, at 20 Allen St. at the Janet S. Munt Family Room, in person or by mail.
Instructions for verbal submissions:
– Email ( or call to set up a time to complete the bid form either in person or over the phone by Monday, October 30th. Submissions must be completed no later than Monday, November 6th at 2 pm.

Proposals must include a detailed budget in table or spreadsheet form. Supplemental materials like additional narrative, write-ups of previous examples, and testimonials from previous clients, supervisors, or colleagues are allowed but not required. The amount of supplemental materials is limited to five single-sided pages.

6. Questions
Questions are to be addressed to Josh Miller in writing at Questions will be shared with the current team.

7. Selection Process
Qualified bidders will be given an opportunity to meet the team to learn more about the project, ask questions and get to know the team. Qualified bidders may be invited for an interview.

8. RFP Administration
This Request for Proposal is issued by The Janet S. Munt Family Room (JSM Family Room) The JSM Family Room reserves the right to terminate, modify or suspend the process, reject any or all submittals, modify the terms and conditions of this selection process and/or waive informalities in any submission, all as the best interests of the JSM Family Room may appear. The administrator for this selection process is responsible for coordination of the procedures and rules specified in this RFP, managing this process
and all other matters related to this process. The RFP administrator will serve as the primary intermediary between the proposers, The JSM Family Room, and the members of the Selection Committee.
The JSM Family Room reserves the right to issue contracts to multiple vendors. The JSM Family Room will not accept any unsolicited information, in any form whatsoever, from bidders after the proposal due date.

9. Bid form
Bid form is attached.

Employer's Approach to Diversity, Equity, & Belonging

The Janet S. Munt Family Room values all members of our community. We seek to create an environment that respects and honors the diversity of individuals and their unique contributions to our mission. Our programs are designed to serve children and families who are diverse in many ways. The Family Room is dedicated to supporting the effective resolution of diversity, equity, and inclusion concerns. We have a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) committee. Our DEI community recently held a workshop to build inclusive practices for our staff, and we continue to explore ways to make The Family Room more inclusive.

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