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Location: Chittenden County,
About the Job

Position Title: Shopkeeper Care Specialist 

Location:  Burlington, Vermont
Reports to: Customer Touchpoint Manager  

About Myti 

A community-driven online shopping platform that allows you to search for items by proximity and purchase products from independent retail businesses nearby. Our community-driven delivery system brings orders to your doorstep.

About the Myti Buyer and Shopkeeper Care Specialist  

In this key position on the Myti team. A critical buyer satisfaction component is having a deep and wide selection of items on the platform. Myti needs to have a wide array of shops integrated with the platform to have a wide selection of items.  This position will follow our three intentions: 


1.  Keep money in local communities everywhere 

2.  Increase opportunities for the fundamental personal interactions we all crave 

3.  Provide the data we collect to strengthen local economies everywhere 


This role will report directly to Customer Touchpoint Manager, Cyrus Patten. This hybrid role is based in Burlington, VT, and we expect you to pop into the beautiful lakeside Burlington office a few days a week.  


What You’ll Do:  

  • Recruit new shops and onboard them to the Myti platform. 
  • Help develop a strategy to grow the number of items available to buyers on the Myti platform while striving to have 51% of the independent retailers in the Myti area on the platform. 
  • Go into communities to implement the above strategy, establishing relationships with shopkeepers, buyers, and organizations, such as the local Chamber of Commerce. 
  • Seek to understand what shops look for in a smooth integration with Myti. 
  • Help develop a strategy and systematic approach to simplifying integrating a shop with Myti while providing a human touch as needed. 
  • Help continuously develop the Shopkeeper agreement to ensure an understanding of what Myti does and what responsibilities a shop has. 
  • Help develop strategies to help Shopkeepers use Myti data to stock the items Buyers are looking for. 
  • Help develop and implement community engagement strategies: foster connections between the different communities within and outside Myti. 



  • Help plan and organize community events to promote engagement and build relationships between different groups. This could include virtual events, webinars, and in-person events. 
  • Help develop community engagement metrics that support the Myti vision and intentions. 
  • Ensure all business activities aligned with the Myti vision, intentions, and goals. 
  • Analyze market trends, customer behavior, and user feedback to identify opportunities to improve the buyer and shop experience. 
  • Help develop and implement processes and procedures to streamline workflows. 
  • Ensure Shopkeeper messaging aligns with the Myti Marketing strategy. 
  • Help identify target audiences for outreach campaigns. 
  • Be the eyes and ears of the CTM to understand better the buyer and shopkeeper’s needs, preferences, and behavior. 
  • Work closely with other departments and teams within Myti to ensure alignment of community engagement initiatives with the overall company objectives. 
  • Be the connection between shops and the product team to work through roadblocks. 

Required Competencies/Skills/Abilities:  

  • Bachelor’s degree in business, Marketing, Public Relations, or a related field.   
  • An exceptional team player. You are collaborative and excited to share Myti with strangers. 
  • Demonstrated experience working in teams and with systems to nurture stakeholder relationships. 
  • Experience building communities among stakeholders.  
  • Ease with technology such as Microsoft Office, Hubspot, etc.  
  • Thoughtful and resourceful problem-solver.  
  • Of course, an ever-enthusiastic representative of the Myti brand!  
  • A pre-existing alignment with the Myti core values and apply them.  
  • Core-values-based decision-making skills in high-pressure situations.  


Physical Requirements:  

  • Able to stand/walk for extended periods.  
  • Comfortable being outside in all sorts of weather for at least 10-15 minutes.  
  • Able to sit through video conferences with remote teammates.  
  • Able to negotiate streets, sidewalks, and most retail and commercial business environments.  
  • Able to work with computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.  


Special Requirements:  

  • A valid driver’s license is required. The Incumbent must be able to operate a motor vehicle as needed.  


Gallagher, Flynn, & Company, LLP has been retained to conduct this search. Interested candidates may apply by sending a resume and cover letter to Mike Smith, SPHR, CPA, Strategic HR Business Advisor, at While we appreciate all interest in this exciting opportunity, only candidates most closely aligned with our search will be contacted. 

Disclaimer: What is listed above is representative of the position’s responsibilities but is not meant to be an exhaustive list. Responsibilities may change during employment at the company’s discretion. Gallagher, Flynn & Company, LLP, and our client do not discriminate in employment based on race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy and gender identity), national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, genetic information, age, membership in an employee organization, parental status, military service, or other non-merit factors. 

Employer's Approach to Diversity, Equity, & Belonging

Myti is frequently engaged in trainings and professional development related to building an inclusive workspace. We are actively recruiting from diverse groups, and regularly evaluating our hiring practices and operations with a critical eye to ensure we are doing everything possible to create a diverse and equitable company.

Myti is in the process of applying to become a certified B Corp which includes an array of required DE&B actions.

Wage or Salary