Green Mountain Film Festival is looking for a Festival Programmer!

Green Mountain Film Festival
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Location: Washington County,
About the Job

Location: Montpelier, Vermont

**Please email resume to**

The Green Mountain Film Festival desires to subcontract a portion of the festival coordination specifically for the role of Programmer. The scope of work is below. This position pays $25/hr, to be billed monthly. The work is expected to be about 350 – 500 hours total.

You will work with Phayvanh Luekhamhan and Christopher Wiersema, reporting to Phayvanh and engaging with other GMFF participants as needed or as directed. This work shall start immediately and continue through the April 2024 festival.

As part of your work, you may be given access to proprietary and sensitive information, which shall not be shared outside of the working group. Your outcomes are considered work for hire and are proprietary to GMFF, to be released to them in the event of your departure from the team.

Scope of work:
•    Film Acquisition 80%
•    Work with selection committee to determine final lineup
•    Includes acquiring screeners, scheduling viewings and collecting reviews
•    Respond to committee suggestions
•    Ensure screening rights and other licensing is acquired
•    Must be able to stay within budget
•    Film Trafficking 15%
•    Ensure all digital and physical files are on hand and operational before and during the festival
•    Ensure all files are returned to distributors as agreed
•    Program Schedule 5%
•    Work with venues and distributors to set the best schedule
•    Provide metadata and promotional information on all films

While the above covers most of the expected work, there may be other work that we agree is appropriate for you to engage in.

Core Competencies:
•    Responsive and openly communicative
•    Collaborative, willingness to entertain new ideas
•    Detail oriented and organized
•    Manages time and priorities well

Employer's Approach to Diversity, Equity, & Belonging

We are an equal opportunity employer

We have a BIPOC Festival Director

We aim to include diverse films in our program, and are actively aiming to connect with filmmakers and distribution companies lifting up non dominant identities in film.

Wage or Salary
$25/hr - this is a contracted and seasonal position. Based on our research, this hourly rate is above average for film festivals in the region, while also acknowledging that we should continue to increase this rate based on the cost of living in Vermont.