Executive Director with the Stowe Land Trust

Stowe Land Trust
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Location: Lamoille County,
About the Job

Lead a bold expansion of this 37-year-old organization’s impact and reach to use the power of land conservation—in both traditional and new ways—to enhance the quality of life for everyone with a connection to the Stowe area.

Are you an inspiring, creative, and visionary leader passionate about protecting community forests, farms, recreation, scenic, and other natural resources for future generations? Do you also thrive on collaborating directly with dedicated staff and board members, public and private organizations, and volunteers to work side-by-side in accomplishing shared goals? Does the idea of building an organization and advancing a bold 5-year strategic plan on a diversity of initiatives excite and engage you? If so, Stowe Land Trust’s (SLT’s) Executive Director opportunity may be a great match for your talents and personal and professional aspirations.

For the complete Organizational Profile and Vision, including an overview of benefits, please visit: https://www.stowelandtrust.org/about/opportunities#c3175

Employer's Approach to Diversity, Equity, & Belonging

We believe it is not enough to protect land and make it available to the public. The work of conserving land for our community in a way that is truly equitable is urgent and complicated. We know that we do it imperfectly. And we are committed to trying to do it better so those who do not yet feel a sense of belonging on our conserved lands may also enjoy the benefits of our beautiful and healthy landscape.

In 2019, we underwent a consultant-generated Community Conservation Assessment to understand Stowe Land Trust’s strengths and opportunities for becoming a more inclusive community organization. In building our three-year Strategic Plan in 2022/2023 we embedded diversity, equity, and inclusion as a value and created a specific priority around access for all. Continuing to build out that priority and operationalizing what it means for the Land Trust is an area we hope the new Executive Director will lead for the organization.

These are some of the steps we have taken to date:
1. Learning about issues of power, privilege and equity as they relate to land conservation. We started with a series of board and staff learning sessions.
2. Developing an action plan that identifies priorities across all aspects of the organization for becoming a more inclusive organization that engages with our community more broadly and equitably. We recognize that our internal work comes first and will inform our external work.
3. Prioritizing community partnerships:
4. We have developed a Summer Naturalist Program to work with youth and families and leverages our ability to help people access conserved lands when they might not otherwise have the opportunity to do so.
We are partnering with Lamoille Housing Partnership to support community housing opportunities. https://www.stowelandtrust.org/work/supporting-housing
In November 2023 we completed our first Learning Landscapes collaboration to give every kid in Stowe access to an outdoor classroom they can easily access by walking. https://www.stowelandtrust.org/news/post/helping-every-kid-be-an-outdoor-kid

5. Evaluating our trails for accessibility
6. Making our website more universally accessible

For more information, please visit: https://www.stowelandtrust.org/news/post/our-commitment-to-learning-and-action-on-equity-and-inclusion

Wage or Salary
● A starting salary commensurate with the incumbent’s qualifications, and with a range starting at $90,000.00, plus a performance-based bonus.