Efficiency Vermont Director of Operations

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About the Job

Job Summary:

The Director, Operations for Efficiency Vermont has primary responsibility for ensuring the delivery of energy solutions to Vermonters in a manner consistent with VEIC’s vision.  In addition to operational accountability, the role has a heavy focus on organizational collaboration, long-range planning and strategy, and regulatory interaction. This role leads EVT in striking the right balance between being strategic – with well-articulated, short- and long-term goals and operating plans – and remaining nimble to respond quickly and effectively to unexpected challenges and opportunities. The Director, Operations applies VEIC’s unique technical and organizational strengths to the goal of massive greenhouse gas reduction, lowering the costs of energy, and assuring that all customer classes participate in solutions and benefits. Ensures that EVT remains non-partisan and effectively crosses traditional political divides. Contributes to a mission-driven, creative, enjoyable and stimulating work environment.

Essential Functions:

  • Leads the EVT operations team with a customer focus to ensure that EVT operates and produces outcomes consistent with VEIC’s vision and regulatory goals.
  • Leads cross-divisional Operations Team to ensure seamless service delivery and clear prioritization of work efforts.
  • Develops EVT operations budgets and contractual program goals and is responsible for overall successful financial management of EVT operations.
  • Develops performance metrics, measurable outcomes, and reporting for EVT operations to internal and external groups.
  • Works collaboratively with EVT Managing Director and leadership team to develop and promote EVT objectives.
  • Develops and refines staffing structure for operations unit, and participates in recruitment, training, and mentoring of direct reports to optimize operation results, as measured by contract performance metrics and VEIC values.
  • Supports EVT Regulatory Team as an operational expert including testimony in proceedings and ongoing dialogue with regulators on issues pertaining to the EEU.
  • Builds, develops and inspires EVT’s talented and highly dedicated staff.
  • Collaborates with the Director, Efficiency Vermont and the Leadership Team to assure EVT’s strategic direction is aligned across all departments.
  • Supervisory responsibilities include providing constructive feedback on an ongoing basis, setting work and professional development goals to maximize performance and quality, providing appropriate support in the case of performance problems, and staff recruitment and orientation.
  • May be called upon to act as a public spokesperson for EVT, and as such, maintains a broad awareness of EVT activities, plans and progress and articulates the individual and broader benefits of efficiency.
  • Responsible for developing major EVT commitments, including major contractual agreements and reviews all such final decisions prior to EVT commitments.
  • Collaborates closely with members of EVT Leadership to develop strategic solutions with partners and stakeholders
  • Provides support to the activities of VEIC as necessary to accomplish organizational goals and objectives.

Knowledge and Experience:

  • Strong personal commitment to the mission, vision, goals and values of VEIC.
  • Bachelor’s degree or a similar combination of education and experience from which comparable knowledge and skills have been acquired.
  • Minimum of ten years of management experience, preferably in operations, five years in the energy efficiency and renewable energy industry, with proven experience in advancing measurable carbon reduction and energy saving goals or a similar combination of education and experience.
  • Demonstrated excellence in managing teams of employees and subcontractors, with proven abilities in leadership, facilitation, staff supervision, contracts, budget management, communication, and the ability to develop and attain goals.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage all aspects of large, complex projects – including leading multiple departments, interacting with clients, maintaining project/program budgets, holding staff accountable to program goals, and overseeing all aspects of project work.
  • Excellent strategy, analysis, planning, and decision-making experience.
  • Superior leadership skills in collaborative and team environments.
  • Superior communication skills for public and internal audiences including writing, speaking, and presentation skills, motivational messaging, public relations and media communication skills,
  • Excellent understanding of quality management, improvement and continuous learning processes
  • Strong skills in interpersonal relations, assessing individual strengths and weakness, political savvy, managerial courage.
  • Demonstrated ability to be organized, detail-oriented, accurate, and able to handle multiple tasks and competing priorities.
Employer's Approach to Diversity, Equity, & Belonging

Every solution we develop at VEIC is in service to our vision: healthy planet and thriving people. We know our success depends on making clean energy available to everyone.
That is why VEIC centers equity and inclusion in our work and commits to breaking down the barriers for those historically underserved so our energy solutions reach everyone, and our impact is felt by all.
We do this by:
• Creating a company culture that reflects the diversity of our world so that our staff, partners, clients, and customers are all welcomed, valued, and respected.
• Actively resisting and dismantling the barriers that prevent the full participation of our communities and our staff in all our work.
• Committing to ongoing education and learning in equity and inclusion so that it is as dynamic, and growth oriented as our understanding of clean energy.
• Creating tangible and quantifiable impact in vulnerable communities through all our work.
• Building connections and fostering trust with the communities we serve.
• Matching our actions to our words.
• Valuing progress over perfection; seeing our mistakes as opportunities to center fairness and accountability.
• Establishing a foundation of empathy, courage, respect, and curiosity while seeking out and embracing the perspectives and lived experiences that expand and challenge our thinking.
If VEIC reflects the world, VEIC can improve the world for all.