Director of Real Estate Development

Cathedral Square
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Location: Chittenden County, Franklin County,
About the Job

Summary: The Director of Real Estate Development is responsible for the development of CS’s affordable rental housing projects from conception to completion. Projects include new housing development and re-development of portfolio projects that are scheduled for major improvements and/or change in operations. The Director of Real Estate Development serves as a resource for other CS departments and provides technical assistance to other organizations seeking CS’s expertise with service enriched housing. Responsible for staff oversight, hiring and supervising outside contractors, and coordination with project funders and partners.

Qualifications: Must possess a Bachelor’s degree in Administration, Community Development, Business, liberal arts or related field and at least five years experience with affordable housing development. A comprehensive understanding of federal and state housing programs including the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program and HUD Affordable Housing and Supportive Housing programs. Experience in real estate negotiations and purchase. Must possess good interpersonal communication skills and the ability to work in complex partnerships. Must possess working knowledge of Word and Excel spreadsheets. Must have a valid driver’s license.

Employer's Approach to Diversity, Equity, & Belonging

VISION STATEMENT: Everyone who works for Cathedral Square (CS), lives at CS and/or partners with CS feels loved, safe, respected and empowered regardless of race, identity, gender, sexual orientation/expression, nationality, background and ability. (Vision Statement Approved by CS Board of Directors on 9/22/22)

Specific actions to progress towards the vision include the following:

• A sustainable plan is underway in collaboration with Vermont Professionals of Color ( and other BIPOC organizations to recruit more Black, indigenous and people of color for staff and board positions.
• Starting in FY24, allocate 30% of the annual budget for training to non-management and service staff to support career advancement.
• Research and implement new approaches to support career advancement opportunities for service staff.
• By 2031, increase staff diversity from our current level of 13% non-white to 20% in new and turned-over positions. Increase the diversity of non-service staff from 5.5% to 10%, with at least one of the management team a person of color.

• Provide staff with continuing education about the history of racism and discrimination; issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion; and related topics such as implicit bias and actively confronting racism.
o Add “Segregation by Design” video with final quiz to our mandatory training sessions in Relias; include it in the onboarding schedule for all new hires.
o Host at least one anti-racism training session for all staff annually.
o Distribute monthly educational email to all staff from the Anti-Racism Committee.
o Host a virtual “Lunch and Learn” session each month to discuss the topic of that month’s email.
o Implement other activities and events as appropriate in support of this goal.
• Survey residents and staff each year to assess their perceptions of DEI at Cathedral Square.
• Keep the anti-racism section of the Cathedral Square website current, updating it at least twice a year.

• Continually review all policies, procedures and publications to root out unintended bias and policies that make it more difficult for POC to apply to and work for Cathedral Square.
• Ensure that DEI-affirming statements/sections continue to be integral components of the Cathedral Square Employee Handbook, Resident Handbook, Mission Statement & Values, and the Employee Standards of Conduct.

• Purchase goods and services from BIPOC-owned firms whenever possible, using Vermont Professionals of Color ( as a resource.
• Review procurement procedures for federally funded projects to assess how we can prioritize the selection of minority-owned contractors and subcontractors for these projects.
• Do not accept any bids for a project from a contractor or subcontractor without having their S3/MBE/WBE self-certification form in hand at the time of review.

Wage or Salary