Chief Growth and Impact Officer

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Location: Chittenden County,
About the Job

The CEO reports to the Board of Directors of VEIC and services as an Ex Officio non-voting member of that Board. This is both an external and internal leadership position and the CEO must be able to move easily in both areas. Day-to-day operations are delegated to others but CEO must keep her or his fingers on the pulse of the business, inspire others, and share vision, insight, and expertise without micromanaging. The CEO holds responsibility for VEIC’s big strategic bets and capital investments and serves as a key spokesperson and salesperson for the organization.

• Ensure the successful implementation of the VEIC’s three current major contracts in Vermont, Washington DC, and Ohio so that they meet or exceed their contractual goals.
• Build on VEIC’s unique intellectual assets and track record to develop and communicate a focused, realistic vision for the organization in its next phase. This vision must lead to the long-term sustainability of the enterprise, and may well include diversification of revenue streams. It must strike the right balance of pursuing concrete strategies while remaining nimble to respond quickly and effectively to unexpected challenges and opportunities. The vision must also articulate how EIC’s environmental and social justice goals should best be supported, measured, and aligned with the other organizational objectives.
• Raise the national and international visibility and profile of VEIC and its high-quality purposeful work. Lead the development of effective new alliances with government, nonprofit, and private sector partners.
• Further VEIC’s role in public education and policy work in support of public investment in energy efficiency, renewables, and energy justice. Define the most critical areas where VEIC brings value to advocacy efforts. Ensure that the organization remains non-partisan and effectively crosses traditional political divides.
• Build, lead, support, and delegate effectively to a high performing, coordinated leadership team where decisions are made and adhered to and where roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities are clear. Ensure that the various divisions within VEIC reinforce and leverage one another and are each strong and mutually supportive in their respective spheres. Review VEIC’s organizational structure and make changes as appropriate.
• Inspire and retain VEIC’s talented and highly dedicated workforce in the face of change. Keep morale, commitment, and performance high. Maintain and further develop VEIC’s culture consistent with its core values. Drive professional development with a particular focus on building the next tier of VEIC leadership.
• Strengthen internal communication. Model and foster an ethos of transparency and clear accountability and decision-making while preserving and continuing to nurture the spirit of innovation that underlies VEIC’s work.
• Work closely with the Board to set VEIC’s strategic direction, commit to major investments and innovation, and exercise fiduciary oversight. Provide the Board with rigorous data and analysis of results and opportunities to help it make sound decisions.

• Strong personal commitment to the mission, vision, goals and values of VEIC.
• A track record of providing strategic leadership and effective management of a sizeable, complex, service delivery business or organization, preferably one with multiple offices. Experience managing institutional growth and change. Proven capacity to build and empower strong collaborative teams.
• Creativity and entrepreneurial vision. Appetite for well-reasoned risk taking. Intellectual heft and proven ability to set and implement bold strategies. Outstanding negotiation skills.
• Discipline and focus in setting priorities and running a rigorous, fiscally sound operation. An orientation towards results. Strong problem-solving skills. The ability to delegate without losing touch.
• Excellent judgment and follow-through. Pragmatism and the ability to make and implement tough decisions, coupled with the ability to adjust and course correct when necessary.
• Public presence. Strong communication and presentation skills and the ability to represent the vision and values of VEIC to a range of audiences. A communication style that is direct and jargon-free.
• Impeccable integrity, honesty, and a reputation for a balanced, non-ideological approach. Willingness to challenge conventional thinking coupled with the ability to partner effectively and bridge philosophies.
• Sophistication about public policy and political processes.
• Experience within a regulated industry would be a plus; the ability to understand the regulatory framework under which VEIC and its clients operate is essential.
• An outgoing, open, and optimistic personality. Outstanding interpersonal skills and reputation as a respectful, careful listener. Tenacity, flexibility, resilience, and high energy. A sense of humor and ability to have fun and enjoy oneself and one’s colleagues.
• Experience reporting to or working closely with a Board of Directors strongly preferred.

We are committed to building a work community that is inclusive and represents a vibrant diversity of background, experience, perspective, and thought. Climate change impacts all of us; however, we are impacted differently based on our identities and experiences. We all deserve a place at the table to make decisions about our collective future – we hope you’ll consider joining us as we work towards our vision for a healthy planet, thriving people, and energy justice.
Candidates across all markers of identity (age, race, gender, ability, communication style, etc.) are highly encouraged to apply.

Employer's Approach to Diversity, Equity, & Belonging

Every solution we develop at VEIC is in service to our vision: healthy planet and thriving people. We know our success depends on making clean energy available to everyone.
That is why VEIC centers equity and inclusion in our work and commits to breaking down the barriers for those historically underserved so our energy solutions reach everyone, and our impact is felt by all.
We do this by:
• Creating a company culture that reflects the diversity of our world so that our staff, partners, clients, and customers are all welcomed, valued, and respected.
• Actively resisting and dismantling the barriers that prevent the full participation of our communities and our staff in all our work.
• Committing to ongoing education and learning in equity and inclusion so that it is as dynamic, and growth oriented as our understanding of clean energy.
• Creating tangible and quantifiable impact in vulnerable communities through all our work.
• Building connections and fostering trust with the communities we serve.
• Matching our actions to our words.
• Valuing progress over perfection; seeing our mistakes as opportunities to center fairness and accountability.
• Establishing a foundation of empathy, courage, respect, and curiosity while seeking out and embracing the perspectives and lived experiences that expand and challenge our thinking.
If VEIC reflects the world, VEIC can improve the world for all.