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The Flynn and Higher Ground Present: Rodrigo y Gabriela

Rodrigo y Gabriela performing with guitars

May 2 @ 7:30 pm

For over two decades, Rodrigo y Gabriela have created the kind of music that invites lasting transcendence, mesmerizing audiences across the globe with their virtuosic yet wildly inventive guitar playing. As shown on critically lauded albums like the Grammy Award-winning Mettavolution (a 2019 release largely shaped by their longtime interest in Buddhism), the Mexico City-bred duo have continually turned to musical expression as a form of spiritual searching—a journey that recently led to the making of their sixth studio album. Sparked from their study of Advaita Vedanta (a Hindu philosophy rooted in the concept of nondualism), In Between Thoughts…A New World arrives as one of Rodrigo y Gabriela’s most revelatory offerings yet: a spontaneously composed body of work primed to bring about the very expansion of consciousness that inspired its creation. 

Self-produced by Rodrigo y Gabriela at their studio in Ixtapa, In Between Thoughts emerged from a transformative period of spiritual awakening and a subsequent burst of unfettered creativity. Back in fall 2020, while recovering from Covid, Rodrigo stumbled upon an online video on nondualism—the notion that there is a “single, infinite, and indivisible reality, whose nature is pure consciousness, from which all objects and selves derive their apparently independent existence,” in the words of author/teacher Rupert Spira.

153 Main St
Burlington, Vermont 05401 United States
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