Newcomer Nexus

BIPOC Concierge Connection Program

Purpose & Summary:
The Newcomer Nexus program will assist Vermont businesses & organizations to recruit and retain people of color from out of state by engaging with new hire candidates during the interview process and upon their relocation to VT. The program will also demonstrate commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) by local organizations and in-state business leaders by “walking the walk”, and lead to stronger recruitment & retention of culturally diverse candidates.

Focus on finding the best candidate for your company, and leave selling the community to us!

The Challenge:
Vermont is the 3rd whitest state in the nation and has a reputation of being cold and unwelcoming. The state has made widespread efforts to alleviate this perception, yet the recruitment and retention of BIPOC talent is still difficult. Many private and public sector organizations are rightly spending thousands of dollars in efforts to try to diversify their workforce. Most organizations have to recruit from beyond the borders of the state because the number of viable BIPOC candidates from within the state are limited. However, despite their best efforts, usually when these organizations find a BIPOC candidate from out of state, despite the candidate feeling cognitively positive about the position, the pay, the organization, etc., it is a huge leap for them to make the emotional adjustment to be prepared and willing to uproot and relocate to Vermont.

What is the result of the status quo?

  • Homogenous workforce. We know that organizations in the top quartile for ethnic diversity have a +36% likelihood of financial outperformance, earn 2.5x higher cash flow per employee, are over 35% more productive, and make better decisions 87% of the time.
  • Increased recruitment costs. Many employers estimate the total cost to hire a new employee can be 3 to 4x the position’s salary.
  • Candidate attrition. Viable candidates stop applying for/accepting positions, resulting in an increase in the number of jobs that need to be filled and organizations resorting to hiring from a shrinking pool of White-only candidates.

What is VT PoC Offering:

VT PoC has developed a one-on-one BIPOC concierge connection program where:

  • BIPOC candidates will be offered the chance to speak to a VT PoC staff member/VT PoC Ambassador about living in Vermont.
    • The recruit will learn from VT PoC the unique challenges of living/working in VT as a Person of Color, but also why we have chosen to call this state our home.
    • The recruit will learn about and gain an understanding of the BIPOC community and existing resources for communities of color that may be different from the original perception of Vermont.
    • VT PoC can also advocate on behalf of the recruiting organization but still remain an independent third-party.
  • If/when the candidate relocates to VT to start working,
    • The recruit is paired with a VT PoC Ambassador (preferably from the area where they live).
    • A two-to-three month long “social tour” is scheduled with the new recruit and will range from scheduled meetings with other BIPOC in the community to meeting BIPOC movers and shakers, attending events and concierge services that orient them to things like, where to get hair done, finding ethnic restaurants, or BIPOC friendly businesses in the area.
    • Regular scheduled check-ins ensure that the individual feels a greater sense of welcomeness and belonging in the community.
    • VT PoC offers a menu of other add on services like spousal support services, and VIP acclamation.

VT PoC’s Newcomer Nexus program

  • Create a sense of welcomeness and belonging for any BIPOC candidate that is considering relocation to Vermont.
  • Dispels the notion that VT has no communities of color and is unwelcoming.
  • Assist Vermont organizations who are serious about diversifying their talent pool by recruiting BIPOC candidates from outside the state.
  • Provide demonstrable examples of a company’s commitment to DEI, going beyond well-intentioned statements.

$3,000 per candidate
A flat rate can be negotiated between VT PoC and the recruiting organization.
A la carte add-on services