VT PoC BIPOC Grant Systems Workshop Series

The Vermont Professionals of Color Network (VT PoC) is excited to launch a new Grant Systems Series!

Participants in this series can expect:

  • A curated space for BIPOC leaders to learn about the traditional grant/funding process;
  • Opportunities to dismantle the traditional funding culture
  • Dedicated time to build community between the BIPOC participants

Our Audience

This series is open to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) led nonprofits in the state of Vermont.

Not sure if you fall into the above group? Email us at thefam@vtpoc.net for more information and/or questions!

BIPOC Grant System Series

Time Commitment

There will be a total of eight workshops in the series which begins in June and ends in December. VT PoC is asking participants to attend at least seven out of eight workshops. The topic for each series is below:

  • Pre-workshop meeting: Getting to know each other (Friday, June 3, 9:30-1:30pm, In Person)
  • Workshop 1: Navigating the funding landscape (Friday, June 10, 8-12pm, Virtual)
  • Workshop 2: Private Funding (Friday, July 8, 8-12pm, Virtual)
  • Workshop 3: Public Funding (Friday, August 12, 8-12pm, Virtual)
  • Workshop 4: General Grant Writing (Friday, September 9, 8-12pm, Virtual)
  • Workshop 5: Budget writing and management (Friday, October 14, 8-12pm, Virtual)
  • Workshop 6: Reporting and the closeout process (Friday, November 11, 8-12pm, Virtual)
  • Post-workshop meeting: Reflections (Friday, December 9, 8-12pm, In Person)


Participants will receive $1,000 in compensation for attending at least seven of the eight workshops. 

Please note: compensation will be limited to one person per organization, however, participants from the same organization can split compensation if more than one person applies and is selected.

Application Timeline

Application Opens: Monday, May 16, 2022, at 12:00pm

Application Closes: Monday, May 30, 2022 at 11:59pm

Applicants will be notified of their status by Wednesday, June 1, at the end of business day. 

Apply for VT PoC’s BIPOC Grant Systems Series

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